Creating Rituals of Connection

Rituals of Connection fall under Shared Meaning in the Sound Relationship House Theory. Gottman's research found that how we create shared rituals and traditions in our relationship is really important to our connection. We all have memories of traditions and rituals we had as a family growing up like getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve, discussing our days at the dinner table, always shouting "love you!" when leaving the house, or playing games on Sunday nights. Have a discussion with your partner about some of these rituals you had in your family growing up. You may see you have already adapted some of these into your relationship now.

Creating new rituals in your relationship can be a fun exercise. If you've downloaded the card decks app you may have seen a deck labeled "Rituals of Connection". Have a date night where you guys can swipe through the cards on that deck and share the ideas with each other. When my partner and I attended the Art and Science of Love workshop we were told to choose 3 rituals we wanted to incorporate and share them with each other. One that we chose to keep going was to have our 6 second kiss each day when we got home from work. (Gottman advocates a 6 second kiss every day to boost connection!). Set a time to create some new rituals with your partner this week!

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