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Couples Counseling in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO

Couples Counseling

If you are looking to improve your relationship for any reason then couples counseling can really help. From small problems to ones that can feel unsolvable we can communicate in a way that will lead us to a solution or compromise.

I use evidenced based Gottman Method Couples Counseling. With a strong assessment process we will identify areas in communication, friendship and romance or intimacy that needs addressed. Once the treatment plan is completed you will start seeing results quickly.

Online Counseling

Have you ever tried online couples counseling? We will connect using a secure online video platform to complete our sessions. Research shows counseling completed online shows the same results as face to face therapy. Typically it feels no different then sitting in an office together except you can be in the comfort of your own home! No need to account for time of travel to my office so it will save you time. Book a session today to give it a try.


Kari Rusnak, Licensed Professional Counselor

I received my independent license in Florida in 2013, and have been doing work in the mental health field for over 9 years. Areas I've worked in are addictions, co occurring disorders in settings of group, outpatient, residential, private and community health. I started my private practice in 2014 on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and expanded online in 2019.

I really enjoy working with Couples. My goal is to help people find love, trust, commitment and fun in their relationships again. Research shows that struggles in a relationship affects mental health and the ability to function in roles like work or parenting.

Send me an email to put your relationship first today!

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