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Couples Counseling in FORT COLLINS, CO

Couples Counseling

Are you dealing with infidelity, an addiction or trauma that is affecting your relationship? Sometimes even small things like lack of time together, working too much or communication errors can feel like really big things.

I can help with any issue that is affecting your relationship. Trained in Gottman Method therapy I will use researched techniques to assess and treat your issues. We will look at 9 major areas in your relationship and any individual concerns in order to create a collaborative treatment plan together.

Online Counseling

If you've never tried online counseling you might be wondering how it works. I use a HIPAA complaint video platform to connect for our sessions. Research shows no difference in results between online and face to face modalities. With technology constantly improving we are able to do counseling in a more convenient and comfortable way. Imaging having a session in the comfort of your own home. No worries about traffic on your commute to my office or seeing someone you know in the waiting room. You and your partner can even be in different locations for our session. All you need is a private space with an internet connection.


Kari Rusnak, Licensed Professional Counselor

I have been in private practice since 2014 and have worked in the mental health field providing counseling since 2011. I expanded my private practice to online in 2019 after opening in 2014. I received my degree at the University of Central Florida in a CACREP accredited program.

I really enjoy working with couples in all different levels of their relationship. Weather it's premarital counseling or help you need at any stage I can help. The stress of your relationship can be taxing in all other areas. Give yourselves a gift and make a stronger connection today.

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