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Couples Counseling in COLORADO

Couples Counseling

Are you in need of help in your relationship? On average couples wait 7 years after having problems to reach out for counseling. Sometimes things can feel so painful to talk about and when you communicate you end up having the same conversation over and over again without making any progress.

Using an evidenced based approach I can help you build a better relationship. I have been trained in Gottman method couples counseling which has over 30 years of research in relationships. We use a strong assessment process to find what areas of your relationship need improvement. I then create a collaborative treatment plan to begin working on your goals.

Online Counseling

Online counseling can be a convenient and comfortable way to do therapy. There are no worries about the awkwardness in the waiting room or traffic making the drive to my office stressful. Research shows there is no difference in effectiveness between online and face to face therapy. I use a HIPAA compliant secure online video platform and all you need is a private space and good internet connection.


Kari Rusnak, Licensed Professional Counselor

I have been independently licensed since 2013 and working in the counseling field since 2011. I have worked with addictions, mental health disorders, trauma, and life transitions in residential and outpatient settings. I opened my private practice in 2014 and and expanded to online in 2019. 

I enjoy helping couples reconnect and build happier, healthier relationships. It can be hard to fulfill other roles like work and parenting when the stress of your relationship is at the forefront of your thoughts. Take time for yourselves today and set up an appointment to get started.

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