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“You cannot change what you are, only what you do.” 

Philip Pullman


Addiction can cause a lot of problems in relationships. When your focus, time and energy is spent on something outside of your relationship it just hurts your partner. Perhaps you are already seeking treatment for your addiction and you need to start the healing in your relationship.


I have experiencing with the following addictions:

  • Alcohol and other drugs

  • Internet addiction

  • Porn addiction

  • Shopping addiction

  • Sex addiction

  • Gambling

  • Exercise

  • Eating/Food

  • Video games

Gottman Method Couples counseling has researched the toll an addiction takes on a relationship and how to effectively work on that in therapy. After the comprehensive assessment process I utilize evidenced based interventions that help target finding a solution to the unhealthy patterns of behavior and communication surrounding it. When one partner has an addiction it can cause issues with trust, anger, fear, resentment, emotional disengagement and intimacy issues. Lying is often part of addiction and we can address the breach in trust from past lies and break the habit of continuing them.

Addiction Self Assessment

If you  or your partner experience the following you may need help:

  • Have you tried to stop your use or behavior and been unsuccessful?

  • Have you had problems at work or school because of your use or behavior?

  • Have you had financial problems because of your use or behavior?

  • Has your partner, friends or family expressed concern over your use or behavior?

  • Have you had to increase your use or behavior to get the same results?

  • Have you lost enjoyment in the things you used to enjoy?

  • Have you found yourself lying to hide your use or behavior?

  • Are you having problems with your appetite or sleep?

  • Are you experiencing an increasing amount of anxiety?

  • Are you having trouble focusing on things other than your use or behavior?

If you answered yes to several of these questions you may need to seek further assessment. Don't let things get worse, reach out for help today.

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