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Couples Counseling in SALT LAKE CITY, UT

Couples Counseling

Did you know on average couples wait 7 years after having problems to seek help? Issues can really compound in that amount of time and just keep growing bigger and feel more painful to talk about. Sometimes it takes one person initiating a separation to start taking things seriously.

I can help you get out of the hole you feel like you're in. I use Gottman Method, an evidenced based practice. Utilizing years of research to help assess all major areas in your relationship and individual concerns we identify the problems and create a treatment plan with solutions to fix them.

Online Counseling

Online couples counseling is a more comfortable way to get help for complex situations. Not only is there no worry about running into someone in the waiting room you can feel comfortable enough in your own space to open up. Meeting online takes no time to drive to my office and can even be done on your lunch break at work. No need to leave early or use sick time. We will use  secure, confidential online platform to meet for our sessions.


Kari Rusnak, Clinical Mental Health Counselor

I first got independently licensed in Florida in 2013, and have been working in the counseling field for over 9 years. I moved to Mississippi and opened a practice in 2014. I expanded my practice to online in 2019. My background has been in a variety different settings and areas.

Couples counseling can be very important for the individual. I've seen this come up when working with individuals or groups in the past. When your relationship is hurting it causes stress in all other areas and can deteriorate our mental health. Having a strong and healthy relationship with your partner sets a good foundation for the other roles you carry like work and parenting. Let me help you strengthen your relationship today.

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