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Expanding my practice

I am so excited to share a new business venture for 2020! I have applied and received licensure in the state of Colorado now in addition to Mississippi. What does this mean? Well in order for counselors to provide online counseling we have to be licensed in each state our clients are located in. That means I can now reach more people and expand my online practice.

I've always been interested in online counseling. Technology though frustrating at times can be very exciting and helpful. We are now able to reach those in need of mental health services who may live in a rural area, have transportation problems or just want to do counseling in the comfort of their own home. All we need is a secure internet connection and a quiet private space. I do my sessions at my office and at my home office and enjoy the flexibility I have.

I have included a picture from my recent visit to Colorado. I love the mountains which is what drew me to add the beautiful state to my reach. Stay tuned for the next state to be added!

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