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"Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs when we are climbing it."



Andy Rooney

Relationship Counseling Online
in Mississippi, Colorado, West Virginia and Utah

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck in your relationship?

"I feel like we're just roomates"

Are you having the same fights over and over and over again?

Things have become painful to talk about and nothing ever changes.

Has trust been broken?

Perhaps due to infidelity or addiction.

Are you struggling with the frequency or quality of sex and intimacy?

Things are not as passionate as they once were.

Are you losing optimism about things ever changing?

NOTHING seems to work.

Maybe you are thinking I just can't do this anymore.

The way things are are unbearable.

Relationships are hard. I can help!

Contact me today to start the process for an intake appointment.

LGBTQ+ Allied

I welcome anyone and everyone and am proud to be an ally.

Sex and Kink +

I believe in sex positivity. Feel free to talk openly.

All Couples

Marriage, premarital or any level of commitment.


I specialize in couples where one or both are also therapists.

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