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Late Cancellation and No Show Policy

I wanted to start a discussion on why my cancellation and now show policy is so important. Here it is:

"Canceling or missing appointments cause problems that go beyond a financial impact on my practice. When an appointment is made, it takes an available time slot away from another client and missed appointments delay the delivery of health care to other clients, some who are in crisis.

  • If you cannot attend a session, you agree to notify me at least 48 hours in advance.

  • You understand that you will be charged for any session cancelled with less than 48-hour notice or missed appointments. ($40 less than 48 hours and $60 for less than 24 or no show)

  • Both parties reserve the right to transfer/terminate services at any time, for any reason they consider therapeutically appropriate.

There are policies/procedures in place allowing for exceptions to the above policy. Please discuss any concerns or special circumstances you may have with your therapist. Please note that exceptions to the above attendance policy do not necessarily relieve responsibility for payment of those sessions."

When my schedule gets full I stretch myself out pretty thin to accommodate everyone's needs. Despite my best efforts, sometimes I do have to turn clients away or push appointments back a week or two though. When I do that and it happens on a week where several clients miss their appointment or cancel 5 minutes before session it breaks my heart that I didn't have more notice to let the clients know who are waiting. Emergencies happen and I am very forgiving of that but when I'm told "Ooops I forgot!" or "Push me back to a later appointment time because I just woke up" or "I'm cancelling because I've been sick since Monday (and today is Wednesday)" it doesn't send the message that the process is taken seriously.

Trust me I know how hard it can be juggling a schedule and remembering appointments, at times I have to remember almost 40 per week!

I know from my end your time is very valuable and I respect that and do my best to accommodate you. My simple request is that we have a mutual respect in this process, don't forget I'm a person too and my time is also valuable!

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